Since the beginning, Blanc D’Ivoire has been forging its own unique style based on harmonies between grey & natural hues.

It creates a new language by infusing classic designs with a spirit of contemporary elegance, bringing a new trend into being.

Blanc d’Ivoire is, at its essence, all about the feminine way of life.

A subtle, chic and refined way of life that emanates tenderness and warmth. An art of living which has made diversity its hallmark and has transformed the world of interior design.


And Blanc d’Ivoire continues to evolve with the years. It is always ready for the next challenge, broadening its horizons and pushing its creative boundaries.

Inspired by travel, it welcomes trends from near and far, mixing styles, overturning the frontiers of geography and time.

Boldly, poetically, Blanc d’Ivoire dreams up new worlds to entice and weave a strong bond with the modern woman.

All the designs are exclusive and drawn by the Blanc d’Ivoire Brand Design Office contributing to a collection that brings forth new products with the seasons, twice a year.







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